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Focusing on Women's Health,
and specializing in
Pregnancy and Postpartum care
North Atlanta Area


I'm so glad you are here! I am Tara Thompson.

I believe pregnancy and childbirth are an amazing and unique experience for everyone. I understand that knowledge is power and making informed decisions can help you have the best birth experience possible.

I want to turn that fear, tension, and pain into confidence, relaxation, and calmness.


Are you ready to ditch “Dr. Google" and get evidence-based support?


  • Are you experiencing aches and pains?

  • Has your doctor/midwife told you there isn't anything they can do for your discomfort and it is just the baby and your body growing?

  • Do you want someone experienced in prenatal massage?


If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, then Tara's Birth Services is for you !​

  • Do you need more than a day or two of training and education?

  • Do you want hands on training included in your education?

  • Are you looking for small class sizes or private lessons?

  • Would you like a mentor instead of a facilitator?

If you said "Yes " to any of these, then this childbirth class is just for you !

This can be in small group classes or private lessons. You have the option to have the hybrid model if you are local to the Atlanta, GA area, or fully virtual anywhere else in the U.S.


  • Would you like to have a massage during labor?

  • Do you need natural pain relief and comfort measures?

  • Do you need help to get you to your epidural ?

  • Are you facing an induction?

  • Would your partner need a break or help with new techniques in order to support you better?

    If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, the "Massaging Doula Experience" is perfect for you!

Massage room



Discount when you buy two or more 90-minute massage sessions.

Recommended monthly packages (weekly sessions) are great for:

Massage to provide relaxation before implantation.

Pregnancy weeks 36-40;  when your body and mind need it most during pregnancy.

Postpartum- Massage sessions during the first month home when your body and mind need healing from birth.

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