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Massages before, during , and after pregnancy has many benefits for the mind and body. Massages helps to induce a sense of calm, which in turn helps you to sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety and help both you and your baby to be  healthier and happier together.

"Just a simple touch can make a difference"

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Pregnancy can be a difficult journey, there are many aches and pains. Your body grows at such a pace that it is hard to adjust. 

Soothe your body or that of a family member or friend by having us provide a prenatal massage.

Any licensed massage therapist is able to give you a pregnancy massage, but here at Tara's Birth Services we are certified in pregnancy and are specially trained to relieve your discomfort during this time. Most women follow their prenatal appointments for their massage appointments 

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Labor massage during childbirth is a type of massage designed to help reduce pain, decrease stress and anxiety, and to increase relaxation during childbirth. This can be beneficial for both the mother and baby by providing comfort, and stability, and can help lessen delivery time during the birthing process. It can also help reduce the need for medical interventions such as pain medication or an epidural.

This service has been great for women planning to go natural, have an epidural or if they are just unsure of what they want.

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Postpartum massage is clinically proven to lessen pain, help regulate hormones, encourage relaxation and stress reduction, and even help with better sleep and breastfeeding.  We know it's hard to get away from your baby when they are a newborn, so we can come to you.

Labor and birth is hard work. Your body uses so many muscles that massage is a wonderful addition to the healing process. In so many other countries postpartum massages or massages after birth are part of a woman's daily postpartum care plan. 


In office appointments
are done in our
Kennessaw and Alpharetta locations.

We also have packages available!

Kennessaw Location

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Book an appointment for your pregnancy or postpartum massage in the convenience of you own home. 

We also have packages available!

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