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Induction Tuck-In Service

The "Induction Tuck-In" is provided at the hospital on the scheduled day of your induction

Induction Tuck-In Service


When having an induction, it is best to be patient and relaxed so the process can help your delivery go smoothly. Our Tuck-In service prepares you at the hospital prior to the the induction time. This service provides an expert who will come in and set your room up for a relaxing and comfortable experience. It helps the mind and body in preparation for the induction. This includes the expertise of a pregnancy massage therapist who will prepare your body to be relaxed, work out tension and feel comfortable and ready for delivery. Some call it a state of "bliss"...


How it works:

Upon purchase, you will receive an email within 3-6 hours to schedule your private online "Induction Mastery Session"

prior to your induction day. 

When a scheduled date and time is confirmed with your doctor on your induction,  we will collectively schedule a time for our expert to join you in your birthing suite and set up for your "Induction Tuck-In" service. You will be well prepared for your induction and delivery of your new little one. 

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