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Postpartum Tuck-In Service

The postpartum tuck-in visit is an important part of recovery from birth.

This visit is an in-home service that will ensure the mom’s well-being, as well as focus on her healing after the birth of her child.

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The Postpartum Period


Why the TBS Postpartum "Tuck-In" is so vital for the new mother


When a mother is expecting a baby, there is so much emphasis placed on pregnancy, labor, and birth. Once baby arrives, that emphasis and attention is now focused on the newborn, and often, the mother is now left to figure out how to get through the 4th Trimester, the post-partum period.


During this time, the mother is now going through many changes in her life, mind, and body. She begins a battle with uncontrollable emotions, hormones, and physical changes. Excited people around her are constantly asking " how's the baby?", but rarely do they remember to ask "How are you doing? How are you feeling? Did you eat"?


Many women unknowingly  are unprepared to handle getting through this difficult time. She and those around her are focused on caring for the new little one and does not take the appropriate care needed for her; the new “mom”.


In many other countries and cultures, there are a tribe of women that are there as soon as she gives birth or comes home from the hospital to care for the mother. In some places, the option to stay home from work for up to a year postpartum with pay is available. With this kind of support, the mother and babies’ needs are fully able to be taken care of. An absolute must for baby and mom! Unfortunately, this type of support is not as common as we would like or need here. Quality services dedicated to this time and care are now becoming more and more available. Tara’s Birth Services is one of those places.


A woman goes through a lot mentally and physically for nine months and she should be honored and cared for after birth. This is the time that it is imperative to “tuck-in” MOM! Family and friends should be sure to do this daily; in-person or via phone or text. Reach out to her!  


In the US, most women are discharged from the hospital anywhere between 24-48 hours after having a vaginal birth and 3-4 days after a cesarean. They are not scheduled to see their providers until 6 weeks later. This is a long period of time to be without professional care. The “TBS Postpartum Tuck-in” visits are so important because they can bridge that gap!


TBS Postpartum Tuck-Ins is a service created specifically for the immediate home visit after a hospital birth. Whether it was a vaginal or cesarean birth the transition from hospital to home can be challenging for some.

PostpartumTuck-In Service

With your new baby comes new challenges, and the "TBS Postpartum Tuck In" service is all about helping you get through them. The visit is focused on the priority of the well-being of the mother. Our goal is to provide her with a visit that will leave her confident on how to move forward to help herself first and in turn be able to help the baby and family." You can't pour from an empty cup". 


The "tuck-in" service is a 3-hour visit that includes:


  • Helping with postpartum setup for mom and baby for an easier transition from hospital to home. Including how to establish a new routine and schedule to ensure mom, baby, and family members have an easier time transitioning.

  • Emotional and physical support to be sure the wellness of mom is the priority and all is going well. Learn how to reduce mood and anxiety often associated with postpartum.

  • Advice and tips on how to get better, more comfortable, and restful sleep.

  • All moms will receive a bowl of soup, and tips on nutritional ways to help mom stay healthy and strong.

  • A full body massage on areas that are usually needed most.

  • A focused Questions and Answers session to be sure to answer your most pressing questions and concerns.

  • A special post-partum gift just for mom


Having a Cesarean? We highly recommend this package!

Purchase and set your appointment now.

Great gift idea! 

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